Dec 04, 2015

Only one runner for the weekend ahead

ARISTOCRATIC will make her debut at Geelong on Sunday.  Good Luck to all connections.

Others close to returning to the races are STARTIERRA, MR CHURCHILL, ALAWA and SILENT MAJORITY should trial in a coupole of weeks and make her racecourse debut soon after.

Hello to My South Australian friends.

I have had a couple of enquiries of late about syndicating a horse in SOUTH AUSTRALIA.

Outside of the big package horses we have not syndicated a horse in SA for many years.  Basically due to a "lack of interested owners".

My question is - Who would be interested in buying a syndicate in a SA trained horse now?

Preferred Trainer - Leon Macdonald
Costs would be around $1000 - $1200 per 5% share and ongoing fees would be set at $160 per month.I (Nb. could possibly do 2.5% shares - just halve the above costs)

Which horse - haven't locked anything in yet but I have an Artie Schiler filly or a Foreplay gelding that are possibilities.

Please let me know if you are interested.

If I have enough interest we will get a syndicate roling straight away.


I have shares for sale in a very athletic Not A Single Doubt colt.  He is extraordinary value for money.

Not A Single Doubt was the hottest sire in Australia in November. He had 5 Stakeswinners in the first 3 weeks of the month and is sitting 4th on the Sires Premiership.

Our colt is a first foal and was small and immature at the time he went through the sale ring (hence the great value)  He has grown on exceptionally well in recent months. ("Grown into money" as they saying goes)

His dam is unraced - that was due to issues with an estate -  an interesting story in itself.  Her trainer is adamant that she could gallop and would have won races.

Check him out on the For Sale page on our website. 

Enjoy your weekend

Rod Peacock