Our Trainers

Trainer Selection Criteria

The most important criteria from our point of view are that the trainer must be an excellent communicator of basic information. ie. when a horse is trialling, entered for public trial/race, acceptances and discussion of jockey engagements, the trainer must have a realistic approach both at home and at the races.

It is very hard, in our particular situation, to work with over enthusiastic trainers who want to over hype the horse. We prefer to let the horses do the talking.

Giving owners an exaggerated view of the horse's ability is not very helpful because if the animal does not live up to the hype, someone, usually us, will have to explain why. We prefer our trainers to remain fairly rational after winning races, most owners want to believe it if the trainer says he is "setting" the horse for the Melbourne Cup or whatever.

A good winning strike rate is essential as is the ability to sum up a horse and its possible future fairly quickly. Good judgment of what a horse should do (given reasonable luck) on raceday, is also necessary.